Day 21: “Agandi” mid-term exams

The bad weather caught me yesterday, so this morning I didn’t have a lot of energy. Nevertheless I wanted to make it to school (at least for a while). A bodo-bodo brought me to Child Africa, with a huge bag full of clothes. Tomorrow I will take the last bag and then teachers and staff members can start selecting. They were very happy and most of them already personally came to thank me.

When I opened the school gate I saw many kids sitting outside and everyone looked serious and quiet.

I had no idea it’s a mid-term exam week… that’s Africa, they forgot to inform me. I wanted to join P4, P5, P6 and P7 classes this week, instead I will supervise the exams. When reading some answers I really felt like helping, unfortunately I am not allowed. However, when I saw Catherine’s exam, she left open 1 question: “You have 10 eggs, but someone takes away 2, how many eggs still remain?” I knew she was able to answer this, so secretly with my fingers I gave her a hint. Sorry teachers 😉

During the first break Elly immediately took my hand and wanted to show me his rabbit. I had to disappoint him when I said I cannot take my present home to Belgium. Then I found a solution, the bunny was officially renamed Larissa today and I made him promise not to eat Larissa and good care of her. He also asked me to write down all the names of my family, when Larissa will give birth the baby’s names will be: Catherine, Carl, Jari, Erik, Sophie, Veronika and Viktor.

After this, I informed little Catherine that my mom and Erik want to sponsor her, she said “Thank you” at least 10 times. Her smile got even bigger when she heard we will regularly sent her clothes and useful things. When I first met Catherine she was rather reserved and shy, they told me it’s because she’s having some troubles and concerns (and that on such a young age!). I’m so glad she is opening up a bit more, you should see her smiling and waving at me each time I pass.  She started talking about her activities over the weekend, she was in school and wore the skirt I gave her, then on Sunday she went to church and prayed for me. Although I don’t believe I still think it’s very very nice gesture!

The whole week there will be mid-terms, so today wasn’t all that exciting for me, until I met my friend, Engeneous. He is not taking part in any of the mid terms, he was just randomly running around and screaming sounds 🙂 !

I’ve spent 2 hours next to him trying to make him draw something else than just weird circles and lines. Unfortunately my mission failed. Time for Plan B, which was starting to talk “his language” Urgg Archh Urgg Urr. Mission failed again, but he was so proud showing off what we drew together and signing the kids that I was his friend.

During lunchtime I decided to go home, my eyes were itching and I had a stuffy nose. Now I’m doing better and totally ready for a new day tomorrow!


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