Hi there, I’m Larissa. Such a Cute Little Baby

A twenty-something Leisure & Tourism Management student in Barcelona. Originally I’m from Belgium but a few years ago I decided to broaden my horizon, since then I lived/studied in Nice, Munich and now BCN. I find happiness in traveling around, seeing new places, meeting new people, photography and eating (as long as it’s vegetarian)!

 Why this blog? Because…

1) I couln’t keep up with my dairy (plus after 3 pages of handwriting my hand feels like falling off)

2) I needed something new

3) Over 150 million people blog, so I guess it must be very exciting

4) It will save my travels and pics (without drinks or food spilled over, which btw happened to some of my diary pages)

5) It will tell all my travel stories, so when coming home I won’t forget any!

6) I can just say “read my blog” when I don’t feel like telling  the same travel stories over and over again!

6) … of many more reasons (no creativity atm)

Create your own visited map of The World or another interesting project


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4 responses to “About

  1. You really traveled a lot of places!! Liked your blog caption of visiting a place you’ve never visited before.. its similar to my goal!

  2. Hi Larissa, love your tagline: Go at least once a year to a place you have never been before.

  3. Bonjour Larissa , encore une fois merci pour ce que tu fais pour les petits ,que DIEU te benisse
    notre asso sera heureuse de travailler avec toi

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