Day 23: The “sunshines” who make my day!

Yesterday I forgot to mention the story of Moses. As I love drawing one of the teachers asked to make a portrait of him. As you can see, I gave it a shot (please use your imagination a bit, I’m not an artist ;)!) He’s so happy and personally came to thank me again yesterday by the house.

Today mid-terms, mid-terms, mid-terms… Luckily there was a great sunshine. After the first break many classes finished their exams for the day and had no lessons scheduled. The whole day I played, drew, chatted, answered millions of questions and had fun with the kids. My camera was all over the place as well, since my arrival I already snapped more than 1000 pictures!

Unfortunately the end of my Child Africa adventure is getting near, but I still had to complete a task for my father: “looking for a sponsor child”. My mom’s and Erik’s child, Catherine, was quickly decided from the start, but knowing there is just one of all these great kids to choose from is a very hard task. I wrote down a few names and verified with the office. One of them is not sponsored, Aria, coincidence or not, she’s the classmate and best friend of Catherine.

Both of them didn’t leave my side for the whole day. I’m sure they will make me cry tomorrow, today it was already hard to see their faces when I said I’m leaving on Friday.

I don’t know much about Aria’s background yet, but tomorrow I will raise all my questions to the office. I didn’t want to ask Aria too much, I find it sad when they tell me they don’t know their parents or one of them died. Until now, all I know is that she’s not at the boarding school, has 3 sisters, lives close to school and most importantly that she definitely can use a sponsor, as all of them, she also comes from a very poor family. I didn’t personally inform my father about Aria yet, he was too busy, but I’m sure he will trust me on making the perfect choice, right daddy 🙂 ?

In the afternoon the teachers attended a meeting so I needed to oversee all the kids. My attention was quickly lost when Aicha entered the school gate. She lives next door Child Africa, but whenever she and her friend get the chance they come and play with the kids. On the picture you can see Aicha, she has hydrocephalus (water on the brain). She’s such a cute little girl, all the children are always so sweet and helpful to her, it’s wonderful!

In the evening Mamma Saturday absolutely wanted to cook something for me and this time I wasn’t allowed to buy ingredients. I filled my plate until there was no space left, still Mamma Saturday looked as if it wasn’t enough. I forgot enough in Africa means when you have reached the top of a pyramid on your plate :)!

During dinner Mamma Saturday realized she also prepared a salad. Everything was so delicious that I wanted to show her my appreciation and went for a next round, which I regret now, I’m glad I don’t have to walk anymore tonight!


2 responses to “Day 23: The “sunshines” who make my day!

  1. It’s a good drawing!

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