One month Kabale, Uganda

I still have more than one and a half months left in Barcelona, but I just can’t stop looking forward to this new adventure! I am very excited, even though I realize it will not be a fairy tale in which I will play a little princess! There will be hard and painful times, but I’m sure working with the little children will make my stay magical and unique.

I’ve visited Africa quite a few times, but only for a short vacation period where I stayed in lovely hotels. This time it’s gonna be different, it’s gonna be really different, but I’m looking forward to this new African experience!!

I will stay in Kabale, according to google maps it’s about 420 km from the capital, Kampala. I’m pretty sure that drive will be a hell of trip! Kabale is situated in Western Uganda, just about 10 km from the border with Rwanda and even more exciting: it’s about 80 km driving from where the famous gorillas live.

I don’t know much about Kabale yet, at least not more than what I found after my little investigation on google for tips and on Flickr for photographs. So please if anyone has ever been there or heard something about it, all tips, things to do, visits, … everything is welcome!

Many thanks!!!