Day 17: Another day at Child Africa

It was a lovely sunny and rather relaxing day. The whole morning I made placards  to welcome the sponsor in the most enjoyable way! The kids from P3, knew that I would be coming to their class so they constantly came to ask whether I was ready. After lunch I entered their class, they were having Local Language and Literacy which wasn’t so interesting for me, instead I had some fun outside with others and went back for their last hour of arts.

I laughed so much with one of the deaf students. This little guy is the funniest guy I know. He always walks around school with a happy face and screaming out some random sounds. He also likes to hit other students, but nobody cares. Today he walked around with a stick ready to attack everyone who came his direction. I was sitting on the bench and enjoying the whole show. He is deaf -mute as well as mentally retarded, nevertheless he is always happy and smiling, it’s lovely to see! When I explained him (in my best sign language) that I wanted a picture of him, he scared  away all the students and was ready to pose!  Isn’t he lovely?! I tell other kids not to walk around with a stick or hit fellow students, this kid just cannot do anything wrong in my eyes 🙂 !

Today I also wanted a picture of Catherine, so my mom and erik could have a look at their “sponsor child”. When I called her, she came up to me and kneeled down, I really find it horrible when these kids do that, but that’s the way they are taught to behave. It makes me very uncomfortable! Erik and Mom say hello to your new daughter: Catherine 😉 !

When sitting outside, a teacher came up to me with THE question of today. Please read carefully it was so funny! “Larissa, did you ever act in a movie?” My answer was a short no. “Are you sure? Because once I saw a movie called Titanic and one of the actresses Rose (Kate Winslet) looked just like you. Are you sure it’s not you, because I think in movies the actors get different names”. I had to explain him that sure it’s not me and that names are changed, on top of that he still doesn’t believe that it’s a true story 🙂 !

As you can see every day there are funny stories to tell, I’m laughing so much here!


Day 8: On the border with Rwanda

Breakfast was prepared at 8 o’clock, Mamma Saturday , the lady who takes care of the house and grandma of the twins, prepares every morning omelette and fresh fruits and in the evening the ‘real African dinner’ (rise, mashed green banana’s, avocado, beans, peanut-sauce, potato’s and some other vegetables). When I finish eating I am not allowed to clean my own plate nor help her with anything. I’m absolutely not used to this, but I really think she enjoys taking care of others.

Today I did not go to Child Africa school, instead I accompanied Julie, Amy, Barbra and Paddie. We drove to a school located on the border with Rwanda, it’s one of the schools where Child Africa has sponsor kids. Most of the children are orphans or come from very very poor families. The school has more than 300 kids, but only 16 are being sponsored!!! So there was a meeting about this issue.

When we arrived we got a very warm welcome, unfortunately the meeting was pretty boring, so Amy and I went outside to take pictures and have fun with the kids. The school is located on a steep hill, the view was amazing, we could even see Rwanda.

At 3 pm lunch was served, again the same food as always (potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, matoke, some chicken and a peanut sauce). This time my appetite was very low, if there is one thing I hate it is bad table manners! The teachers and headmaster of the school filled their plates as if they were building pyramids, on top of that they started to eat with their hands! I tell you it wasn’t amusing at all.

In the late afternoon Amy and Barbra accompanied me to a local market to buy fruits: 2 mangos, 4 oranges, a bunch of little bananas, 0.5kg passion fruits for a total of 2 euro!

In the evening when I was writing this blog I heard something in my room, it was a little black mouse.  Don’t judge, but yes I was scared. Patrick, a guy from Congo who’s staying at the house, told me he wants to catch it and eat it! Unfortunately for him we didn’t catch it, instead Amy and I tried to get rid of it with a stick. After more than one hour, we managed to get it out of the room, I can go to sleep without worries now!

The Gambia, Day 3

In the morning we went to the local market of Serekunda, with our bodyguard (= our funny taxi driver who got promoted :-)). There were no tourists, so he was very proud to show off with us Europeans or as he said: “my first white friends”.

In the middle of the market is a local school, which has 5 classrooms with kids aged between 3-6. We went into 2 classes and they performed a little song for us. It was adorable, but on the other hand I needed to hold my tears, as it was also so sad.

Afterwards we visited Alkali’s (= taxi driver or was it bodyguard??) little home, his pregnant wife and family. They were very happy to see us, we brought them some clothes and little things for the future baby and for Junior Alkali, a 3 months old baby from the neighbors.

The other part of the day, we just relaxed at our hotel… it was too hot to do something else. Every 5 minutes I went or in the pool or under a cold shower. I ain’t complaining though!!

At 6 PM Alkali came again and brought us to the Coco Ocean Hotel. It’s a beautiful 5* hotel, but for me it’s a bit out of place here in Africa. However it was nice seeing the sunset and having dinner, but I won’t recommend to overnight there if you wanna enjoy a real African experience.

Now it’s time for some aftersun and rest! Looking forward to a new day tomorrow!