Day 18: A day of giving and receiving

Wonderful smiles, happy faces and grateful people. When I came to Uganda, I travelled with 3 bags full of clothes, shoes, games and balls. Until now everything was stored in my room, but today I felt it was a perfect day for sharing!

The Child Africa football team gathered and I gave them brand new footballs! You should have seen their happiness. Many thanks to the sponsor of these brand new balls, the kids and sport teachers loved it!

Some other clothes I divided among students. A skirt and pants to Catherine and her older sister, a short to a teacher, some cloves (Kabale is cold in the morning so don’t think this gift is useless 🙂 ) to two kids and finally a short to Brenda. But there is still a lot of stuff left in my room! It was difficult to give the presents to the kids, everywhere someone else is around. But the good thing is that there is no jealousy, they are all happy for each other!

After lunch we went with P5 and P6 to the city to welcome the Danish sponsor, Mark. He arrived with 15 other people by bike. With this initiative they are raising a lot of money for charity. They were all touched to see our students with placards, singing, clapping and dancing. Oh yes there were tears, even I still find it very touchy every single time!

On our way back to school, I walked besides Elly. He is a P6 student, he is a bit reserved, although he always comes up to me to ask about my country, football and my family! Today it was the first time I noticed his leg and his old shoes. I didn’t want to ask too much about his leg, but he told me that he had an infection, so he needed to be operated. He is not able to wear closed shoes, his leg and foot often swells. Then I started to ask him about his family, he still has both parents although they live outside the city, it’s too expensive for them to travel to town, so Elly never sees them. He always stays at school, except holidays which he spends with his grandfather, who is old and has very little money. I felt so bad and I couldn’t stand seeing him with these sandals, they were almost two sizes too small and totally broken.

After school I went with him to a market, we took a bodo-bodo together (moto-taxi) it was the first time Elly drove one. We stopped on our way to buy a soda and a banana, that already would have made his day, such a smile! But the story continues… at the market we found the perfect shoes. Elly wasn’t able to express his happiness, but his smile just said a thousand words!

After this wonderful day I am in need of a good meal. I decided to go to the “White Horse Inn” hotel. On my search for a bodo-bodo, a man came up to me on the street, he is a teacher in one the primary schools in Kabale. He saw me on the “Day of the African Child”event and told me how much he appreciates what I am doing! What a great compliment!

This whole day makes me feel so happy. As my title says “giving and receiving” I gave things but received so much more!!! When I’m looking back at the pictures of today tears are running down my cheeks ( which shouldn’t be happening cause I’m at the restaurant). Such a lovely day I will never forget, let’s hope my meal will be as good! Just ordered: “Tilapia Veronique”: poached fish fillet in rich creamy sauce, served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables”.

Great day to start off my weekend!


Day 6: Church and surprises on Sunday

Had a great night in my African bed, however early in the morning I woke up because of singing. As it is a Sunday, church starts early in the morning. I tried to switch on the light, but electricity was down, which also meant that there was no hot water. I got a bucket full of boiled water and washed myself with that. Living the African way is quite adventurous.

 Around 10 we went to the “Child Africa (kind of) church” inside the school, all the kids sang songs and did some dances, which was lovely to see. Unfortunately there was a more boring side as well, the readings from the bible and prayers are absolutely not my thing, so I kept myself busy looking at the kids!

During lunch me and Amy did a “photo shoot” with the two twins staying at the house. Erik and Patrick, check out the picture isn’t he cool ;)!

In the afternoon a BIG surprise for Julie, the founder and director of Child Africa, was waiting. We drove up a hill and went to a hotel, where the whole staff members prepared an event. We got great lunch, entertainment, speeches, cake and finally a party to end the evening.

It was a wonderful day again! But I’m very tired now, all these new things are getting too much for me and my eyes, but I’m still loving it! And can’t wait for tomorrow: “my first day at Child Africa school