Day 19 and 20: Quality weekend

First of all CONGRATULATIONS to all European University graduates this weekend. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the ceremony. As a little gift to myself I booked a weekend at Bunyonyi Overland Resort.

Saturday morning the UK cyclists visited the Child Africa school, as usual a whole show was prepared. The kids sang, danced and performed wonderful as always. Mark has been a sponsor of one of the children, Brenda, for 8 years, she is in secondary school now. Mark had never seen his sponsor child, so the moment she walked into the gate was very exciting. There were no words needed, however Mark gave a short speech and expressed how touching it is to see that Brenda is doing well, when she finishes studying he wants to take care of another child. Isn’t that wonderful?!  I wished there were more people like him!

Elly was playing in the brass band, although he needed to concentrate on his instrument he was looking at me and smiling the whole time! So proud with his new shoes. During the performances he came up to me and said: “Larissa I really want to thank you for what you have done for me, I appreciate it so much. So please let me do something in return.” As a gift he wanted to show me his rabbit, he took a bodo bodo-bike and went home to his grandfather’s place. Unfortunately he wasn’t back before I left, I should have known 30min in Africa means 1h30min. I hope the other kids will deliver him my message!

Around 11 am Barbra and her friend dropped me at Bunyonyi Overland resort.  Last week I made a reservation, tent nr. 8 it was.

 Reading, relaxing, tanning, eating, walking, “people-spotting” and sleeping… Just two things bothered me: First of all the waiters (can I have your facebook? email? I shortly and rather rude answered “I don’t give it to strangers” otherwise they would have kept on asking). Secondly the receptionist, he was really unfriendly to be honest and so slow! For the rest it was perfect, I really needed some time for myself, not that I don’t love to be around all these wonderful kids and teachers.  Paddie and Isaac visited me in the afternoon, too bad they don’t know how to swim. I didn’t want to swim alone (for those who don’t know: I fear fish 😉 )  plus the lake is the second deepest in Africa, it reached 900 meters, you never know what’s down there 😉 !

During the night there was heavy rain.  Some annoying crows and other birds woke  me up early in the morning, but my bad mood quickly disappeared when seeing the view right from my bed over the lake, it was magical, although still some raindrops were falling out the sky. This wasn’t how I imagined my Sunday to be.  I was hoping that after my English breakfast the sun would beat the clouds, unfortunately this didn’t happen. As I didn’t bring warm clothes with me, I found my way back to Kabale center earlier than planned.

In Kabale I went to the market with Paddie and helped Mamma Saturday cooking. Cooking the African way 🙂 in an African environment, as a tiny little mouse passed by!

Again it was a great weekend, although I would have loved to see more sunshine.