Day 14: “Teacher Larissa” at P1

“Teacher Larissa” seems to be my new nickname, it’s even used at home by Mamma Saturday and the twins.

My week at the Nursery section is over, time for the Primary section, I was in class with 26 children aged between 6 and 7. Getting to know all their names in one day was hard, but some of them I just couldn’t forget: Mercy, Mercyful, Blessing, Pearl and Night.

It was a tough day, my alarm went off at 5:50 am, to arrive in school at 7:15 up until 5.30 pm. All day the kids around me, plus for the first time my hair was loose so they couldn’t stop touching it. They also loved touching the hair on my arms (please don’t think I’m that hairy, it’s just new for them 🙂 ). I really felt like a dog, so much affection 😉 !

Different teachers gave lessons in P1, I even was a “student” in two of them: ‘Local Language’ and ‘Sign Language’. In the Child Africa school some children are deaf-mute (on the picture you can see two of these kids, although the girl is able to talk a few words). I find it wonderful how the school provides these kids a lovely childhood. All the children, not only the deaf-mute, learn how to use sign language. So during breaks they all get along very well, it’s touching to see these interactions! The P1 class was pretty good during sign language class, for me as it was my first time it all went a bit slow. The kids found it more than exciting to correct me, “no teacher teacher like this! Look”, they were so cute trying to help me out 🙂 !

The rest of the evening I spent at home with Amy and Lilly, tomorrow morning they are leaving, so I will be left alone from then on. On the one hand I will have some rest and silence after these long days at school, but I will definitely miss chatting with them! Now just the twins will remain to animate or annoy me 🙂 .

Tomorrow it’s the International day of the African Child, Child Africa will participate in an event, I’m very much looking forward to it!


One response to “Day 14: “Teacher Larissa” at P1

  1. Mam

    Always a pleasure to read…looking forward to some more adventures…xx

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