Day 13: A magical day at Lake Bunyonyi

Wow  wow, Lake Bunyonyi exceeded all my expectations. In the morning when we drove up the lake we stopped by a little house, Julie wanted to greed a woman whose grandchildren went and some still go to Child Africa. It was so so sad to see this woman, she is very old, not capable of taking care of herself and nobody feels responsible for her. She looked terrible, but mostly very miserable. A few years ago her children left her with many grandchildren, she took them all into the house until they were able to look after themselves. Right now nobody (nor her children or grandchildren) takes care of this old woman, she is incredibly poor and barely has any food or water. On the picture you can see tobacco, which she grows and sells in exchange for some food. The little bucket had just a few centimeters of water, which she will use to clean herself.

No water, no drinks, no food, no nothing, she desperately prays for rain which will fill up her little bucket. I felt so bad, how can her family treat her like this, after everything she has done for them!

After this sadness, the day could only get better. And it definitely did! We drove up the hills and went to a beautiful hotel with the most amazing view: Arcadia cottages Lake Bunyonyi.

After some relaxing time we drove down, to another hotel/restaurant which was even more beautiful. Bunyonyi Overland Resort, located right next to the lake. From there we took a little motorboat to one of the islands. First we passed a little island, just a few metres wide with one tree in the middle. This island is called Punishment Island, in earlier days unmarried pregnant girls were dropped here and left to die of hunger. Now you are probably wondering why they didn’t swim to another island? Well, the fathers weren’t that stupid they tight up the daughters who were able to swim. Many girls drowned, however others were saved by fisherman or poor man, who wanted a wife but couldn’t afford to pay the bridewealth.

Most of the other islands you can see on the picture have a hotel. We went to Bushara Island Camp, they showed us the cottages and tents, all with stunning views over the lake.

Next it was time for lunch, we went back to Bunyonyi Overland Resort, where a delicious meal was waiting for me: grayfish (fished from the Lake) in a vegetable sauce with potatoes. Because the hotel is so beautiful, relaxing and has a lot of facilities I decided to go back next weekend. We went to have a look at the cottages and tents, I fell in love with tent number 8. All tents are positioned on high poles and offer a great view.  But number 8, oh boy, the view from that room is the most amazing, so we went to the reception and reserved for Saturday night. Although it’s a twin room they will charge me a single price, let’s hope it all works out! I’m already looking forward to some relaxing weekend by myself, even though the hotel always has tourists and especially pack backers.

I assure you, if you ever get the change to visit Uganda, do not fail to pass Lake Bunyonyi. It’s definitely in my list of “most beautiful places ever been”.


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