Day 11 and 12: Let the weekend begin


Unfortunately internet has not been working well since Friday. There’s always something: mousses, no hot water, no electricity and Friday evening I even found a horrible insect in my bed, luckily it was dead. As you see it’s never boring here 🙂 !

I’m glad the weekend arrived, time for a little break. Friday it was my last day at the nursery section, top class. Before school started all the kids gathered to dance and sing, so early in the morning and so much energy already!

 At 9 am the top class teacher left for a meeting, but told me she would be back soon. Getting used to the African standards of course she wasn’t back before lunch was served. I was in charge of 26 children aged between 5 and 6, on top of that I didn’t get an outline or plan of the day. These kids don’t understand English perfectly, so you can imagine what a pain it was. If they wouldn’t be so cute, I would have seriously punished them 🙂 . All in all it went quite well, I made them draw and gave them homework. After class I was a dead body, I even took a “bodo-bodo bike” home. As I mentioned in a previous blog bodo-bodo’s in Kampala are moto-taxi, however here in Kabale these moto’s are replaced by bicycles. They have put some kind of pillow for the passengers, which is quite comfortable, plus the ride home costs only 15 euro cents.


I thought of sleeping long today, however at 7am Mamma Saturday put on the radio in the hall incredibly loud (I felt as if I fell asleep in a club). 94.7FM, if you ever come direction Kabale, never choose this station, it’s full of talking (I mean shouting) in the local dialect, with only 1 song every 10 minutes. My sleep ended as you can imagine.

The hot shower and sunshine made me forget 94.7FM very fast! I went for a long walk up a hill, to a hotel called “White Horse Inn”, it has a beautiful garden and great view over Kabale and its mountains (on the picture you can see a part of Kabale). At noon I got hungry, so I went to the local market. It was quite annoying, seems like those people never saw someone wearing a ‘short’ dress. Luckily on my way home I ran into Paddie, one of the employees of Child Africa.

In the afternoon, Amy, Lilly (Amy’s cousin from Congo) and I went shopping. I wanted to buy some kind of African dress. Instead I bought a dress which doesn’t look African at all, but at least I bought it in Africa for a “good price” (as the shop owner said) 🙂 . Afterwards we went with Julie to the “White Horse Inn”, the weather was still amazing, so we decided to spend some time up there.

The whole afternoon I was the translator, Amy speaks English and Lilly French they both just know a little Swahili, so they prefer to have me as the middle (wo)man.

Right now they are sitting in my room teaching each other French and English, at the moment they are doing numbers and a little conversation, the accents are so funny and cute, I think I’ll be fired soon.

Tomorrow we will go to a lake, Lake Bunyonyi, everyone told me it’s beautiful over there. I’m very looking forward! Let’s hope internet keeps on working to keep you posted!


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