Day 10: RaLissa and the mouse

It was a lovely day in the nursery section, middle class, although I’m looking forward to the weekend. It’s been a very busy week, I woke up daily (except Tuesday) at 6.30 and was at school from 8am until 5pm. The whole day being followed, attacked and stalked by the little ones, trust me it’s time for a short break now.

The kids from nursery class are starting to remember my name, even though they pronounce it totally wrong. So meet “Ralissa” or “Lalissa”! It’s so funny, everyone, young and old has difficulties with the letter L and R. One time when the moderator during a meeting said “let us pLay now” I got confused, I thought what??? But when everyone closed their eyes I understood what he meant. The same happens in school: “kids go pRay”!

Even without this R and L confusing I need to concentrate hard to understand someone. They don’t really articulate properly or have totally different expressions.  Sometimes I ask to repeat, however to not make things awkward I’ve set my limit at 3 times, afterwards I just smile, nod and start a new conversation (no idea what is more awkward) 🙂 !

Scaring away the mouse is starting to become one of my daily activities. Now I can laugh about it, but a few hours ago I was sitting on my bed for almost 2 hours with a stick and the door wide open. When Amy saw me sitting in the room she burst out laughing, at least someone had a blast! Luckily it’s gone now, but I’m sure it’ll be back again, so I should prepare and man up a bit!

I didn’t take any picture today, for once I gave my camera a break. I’ve just put some pictures to pretty up today’s blog.


4 responses to “Day 10: RaLissa and the mouse

  1. Mam

    ZO LEUK geschreven allemaal! ZO TROTS op da Larke!xxxx

    • Dankoe mamski! xxx Dikke kus!

      • Inge Dryander

        Dag lieve prachtige een beetje leendochter van ons. Wat ben ik trots op jou, echt wel gewoon zoals je dit allemaal oppakt, jouw enthousiasme, je liefde, zoals je daar bent. Geweldig, ik zie het helemaal voor mij.Hoop dat het nog eens lukt dat je met mij op reis kunt,lijkt mij zo heerlijk . dag lieve laris, ik geniet van jouw verhalen. Dag lieverd, ik ga slapenxxxxinge

      • Wat lief van jou!! Het is hier inderdaad geweldig, een hele ervaring! Ik hoop ook dat ik met jou eens een leuk reisje kan maken!! Dikke dikke kus aan jou en ook aan de hele familie! xxxx

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