Day 9: Another day in nursery class

Today I was again in the nursery section, but this time in middle class. The kids were aged 3 to 4. The first hour they sang, danced and said rhymes. I was amazed how many songs they know and how confident they are singing solo in front of all the others.

Around 11.30 a meeting took place, normally it had to start at 10am. It’s incredible how most people have no sense of time, they all have cell phones and watches but I have no clue according to which country they set the time.  Anyhow, at the meeting parents and teachers were present, a new PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) had to be chosen. It was a total chaos, those parents behaved worse than their children.

After Julie introduced me to the parents, I was able to leave the meeting and very glad to go back to school, although a difficult task was waiting for me. I was in charge of ALL the nursery kids, more than 50! I really love those kids, but I can assure you, ALONE it ain’t all that fun. The problem is that some of them don’t know English that well. So I got some pupils from the older classes and together we managed to get those kids to sleep (more or less) 🙂

I could write so much more, but I’m exhausted. Every single minute I need to shake these kids of my body, run away from them, it seems I’m having a kid-magnet inside me :-)!

Goodnight for now, hopefully without a mouse in my room, Patrick is gone so I doubt anyone else is candidate to eat it!


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