Day 7: First day at school, nursery class

In the morning there was heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Kabale is known to have a lot of lighting, it actually was quite scary.  Mohammed drove me to school by 9.30, normally school starts at 8, but because I was in the ‘baby class’ I could come a bit later.

I was accompanied by a really nice teacher (I forgot her name, just too difficult to remember) there were 16 children in class, aged between 3 and 4. Some names of the people in Kabale are so peculiar : Pretty, Anxious, happiness, Lovely, Precious, Monday, Tuesday … Sunday, Confidence, etc. I think parents make too many kids that their imagination for baby names gets lost 🙂 !

Class today started by teaching the kids animal names, afterwards they shaded the apple we drew for them and finally we taught them numbers.

Around 1pm it was time for lunch, but before lunch the kids performed some dancing and singing for me. I enjoy it every single time!

 On the lunch menu stood: matoke (mashed green bananas) with a sauce of beans. The kids got a full plate although no fork, spoon or knife. So I don’t want to explain you what a mess it was. All kids baby/middle/top class (about 50 kids aged between 3 and 6) were eating with their hands. As you can imagine, their whole face was enjoying the lunch. I kind of lost my appetite, although when I looked the other way I enjoyed my food, luckily with a fork.

After lunch we played a bit outside and then the kids went to sleep for 2 hours. Not in beds, just with their heads on the desk. In the meantime I made some drawings for the wall ( a cow, a duck, a rabbit and a chicken).

 After meeting some other schoolchildren whom (without success) tried to learn me their local dialect, I walked home. On my way home I was thinking something was wrong with me (did I transform into a weird creature or was I walking naked?!) It was incredible how ALL people on the street were staring at me or wanted to talk to me. Is this how a celebrity feels 🙂 ? I was just laughing from beginning until the end! I literally think that I’m the only Mzungu (white person) in town, it was quite an adventure to get home, looking forward to more of those!


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