Day 6: Church and surprises on Sunday

Had a great night in my African bed, however early in the morning I woke up because of singing. As it is a Sunday, church starts early in the morning. I tried to switch on the light, but electricity was down, which also meant that there was no hot water. I got a bucket full of boiled water and washed myself with that. Living the African way is quite adventurous.

 Around 10 we went to the “Child Africa (kind of) church” inside the school, all the kids sang songs and did some dances, which was lovely to see. Unfortunately there was a more boring side as well, the readings from the bible and prayers are absolutely not my thing, so I kept myself busy looking at the kids!

During lunch me and Amy did a “photo shoot” with the two twins staying at the house. Erik and Patrick, check out the picture isn’t he cool ;)!

In the afternoon a BIG surprise for Julie, the founder and director of Child Africa, was waiting. We drove up a hill and went to a hotel, where the whole staff members prepared an event. We got great lunch, entertainment, speeches, cake and finally a party to end the evening.

It was a wonderful day again! But I’m very tired now, all these new things are getting too much for me and my eyes, but I’m still loving it! And can’t wait for tomorrow: “my first day at Child Africa school


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