Day 5: Arrived in Kabale

Waking up early for a 7 hour drive to Kabale. Mohammed picked us up around 7.30, the road was better than I expected, so we mostly could drive at a nice speed. However the last 2 hours were horrible, I felt like I was sitting in some kind of crazy attraction! The entire road trip was just stunning, my eyes wanted to sleep sometimes, but I resisted cause I didn’t want to miss any second. Such beautiful landscapes, mountains and green everywhere, we even passed a group of zebra’s and some funny Africans, for example: two men sitting on a bodo-bodo (motor taxi) and in between them 3 goats and a chicken (just picture this for a second).

Around 3pm we reached Kabale, we quickly put all our stuff in the house and then went to the Child Africa school, where a surprise was waiting for me. Even though it is a Saturday all the teachers, staff members and the kids who stay overnight at the school were impatiently waiting for us to arrive. Once the school entrance opened the kids started to sing and dance, again I needed to hold my tears, but I’m glad I did this time. We got seats, as if we were a jury, for two hours the kids performed acts: dancing, singing and even the school orchestra performed. It was wonderful and everything was prepared into detail. At a certain point we all started to dance, I think I was the shyest out there, the way those kids can dance made me feel like just a white robot 😉

Just having been there for 2 hours already gave me a warm feeling inside, I got so much love from the kids and I could see the happiness on all those pretty faces. It’s hard to imagine some come from families who literally have no money for food, some who don’t have parents, or some kids who were living on the street without any future in front of them.

However, the most touching moment of the day was meeting the deaf children. Julie told me that normally in Uganda deaf children have no future, they are obliged to stay inside. But seeing the happiness on these children faces lightened up my heart. Without words I could see how grateful they are to be part of the Child Africa. Actually the deaf children were the once who had the most fun, dancing, shaking their body and smiling all day!

First day at Kabale school and already loving it!! First night in Kabale, in an African house, cooking was done on a hot stone fire…More stories and pictures later.


2 responses to “Day 5: Arrived in Kabale

  1. Jari

    goe bezig lar! 🙂
    veel plezier daar!!!

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