Day 4: On the equator

Today was a very packed but interesting day, starting at 7am and ending at 11.30pm. I got a lot of impressions and experienced new adventures. In the morning the driver, Mohammed, picked us up and dropped us outside the city at a “bus stop”. Amy and I took a local bus (read fully packed little smelly van, and if that wasn’t enough the lady in front of me started to eat grasshoppers) Our destination was the Child Africa school located on the equator.Image

Arriving at the school… I cannot describe how I felt. A mixture of many feelings came over me. I was welcomed as a princess, everyone was excited to meet me, I took a visit in all classes, played with the kids and they performed some acts. I really needed to hold myself from crying, but when a little girl started to sing by herself, that was just too much! It was just absolutely wonderful, no words to describe the experience I had at the school! On top of that they served us lunch. They were informed that I’m a vegetarian, although at first they didn’t know the meaning of the word, they did an excellent job serving many different kinds of vegetables.




 Around 2pm we took the public transportation back to Kampala, again a 1h30 drive, but this time the bus was bigger and a little less smelly. Mohammed picked us up in Kampala and brought us to the Child Africa office. But Amy and I wanted some more adventure so we took a ‘bodo-bodo (mototaxi’s) to town to pick something up. The three of us on one moto, in the middle of the center (sorry mom:) !)

In the evening, as we still didn’t see enough today, we decided to take a night ride and drive with Mohammed to the airport to drop of Rino, who is going back to Norway. Day and night Uganda is a very exciting country, my eyes are red from capturing all these moments and probably as well from dust, sand and dirty car exhaust gases.

Now it’s time for a good sleep, tomorrow the day starts at 6 am with a loooong drive to Kabale. Can’t wait to experience what’s coming next!


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