Day 3: local markets and last day at the hotel

The sun was shining, the weather was sweet! After breakfast I went with a colleague of my mom, Inge, to the ‘ national  theater’, an arts and crafts market in Kampala.  I love to stroll around the African markets, looking at the beautiful colors, talking to the locals and of course taking pictures.


ImageI bought an African bag, yep I’m starting to feel like a local already or at least I’m trying to integrate bit by bit :-)! Afterwards, we went to a very local fruit market, where we probably were the only 2 tourists. We didn’t make a great choice of  fruit stand, in between a box full of living crickets and one with fried crickets, my appetite couldn’t be bigger.. Inge had a hard time negotiating with the fruit sellers, but she managed to get the price she wanted. 20,000 Ugandan shilling for 2 pineapples (6 euro)?!!! t0 finally pay about 1 euro each. Same story with the avocados, mango’s and vanilla pods.

Now I’m waiting at the hotel for Julie of ‘Child Africa’ to pick me up. I will stay one night at their house in Kampala and from tomorrow on I will visit the schools, first stop is at the Child Africa school, located right on the Equator and afterwards a long drive to Kabale where I will stay until the end of June!

Let the real African adventures begin!


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