Day 2: Speke Resort

Sometimes a Wednesday can feel like a Sunday: waking up… having breakfast… walking around the hotel… taking pictures… doing a ‘beauty sleep’ next to the pool… But at a certain point I need some action, so we decided to have lunch at the Cassia Lodge. The owners of the hotel are Belgian and were on board our flight, with their two little twins.  The Cassia Lodge is located near our hotel, but the walk is quite steep, as it is located on Buziga hill, one of the highest hills of Kampala. We took the motobike-taxis, it’s not really recommended to take them as some drive pretty wild and “Uganda” and “traffic rules” do not harmonize! Nevertheless, I really wanted to do it… But no fear, due to my mom we drove even slower than a 4 year old can walk 🙂

  The view at Cassia Lodge was just excellent, the food as well, although our tomato-mozzarella salad didn’t quite taste like mozzarella.. But no complaining it was delicious!

In the evening, one of the habits of Brussels Airlines’ crew is to have an ‘apero’, where everyone brings snacks and drinks. This time the ‘apero’ was at the captain’s suite. Afterwards, we stayed in the hotel for dinner. We invited Julie, Rino and their daughter Amy (the founders and owners of to the “Child Africa” schools). It was a lovely evening, I’m glad to have met such wonderful people with incredibly big hearts!


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