Day 1: Arrived in Entebbe

Huge panic attack this morning, at the check-in in Brussels I realized my passport wasn’t in my wallet!! After 5 times trying, I was able to reach my stepfather. But end good all good, the passport was in the car, quickly my “hero of the day” drove back to the airport!

Happy I could fly… The plane left Brussels Airport at 10h40 with a first stop in Kigali, Rwanda, to finally arrive around 22h in Entebbe, Uganda. It was a long flight, so what to do? Eating, sleeping , watching movies and chatting around! On top of that my mother was the purser on board and took very good care of me. Starting off with a glass of champagne, gin tonic and finishing the flight with a baileys & a box filled with 24 delicious Neuhaus pralines, was just excellent. Together with the Brussels Airlines crew, we arrived after a 50min drive in Kampala, at the hotel: Speke Resort, where I will have 2 days of “luxury”, until Thursday.

Afterwards, when my mother and the crew are gone,  I will stay in a house near Kampala for 1 day, to finally leave on Friday to Kabale and visit the “Child Africa” school.

I’m very excited and can’t wait to experience everything which will come my way!!


2 responses to “Day 1: Arrived in Entebbe

  1. hehe nice work with the drinking on the plane, it always makes the flight go faster 😉 wish you an amazing time in Kabale!! 🙂

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