Fell in love with The Gambia

Arrived back in Barcelona, sun is shining but the weather was sweeter in The Gambia!

It was my first time in “The Smiling Coast of Africa”, but definitely not my last. I hope I will go back very soon! Loved everything about the country. What will stay with me the most is the friendliness and happiness of the Gambian people. Even though people don’t have a lot, they respect each other, are not selfish and try to help whenever possible. Life seems to be so easy. Unfortunately today I was back in an overcrowded metro, where grumpy people were pushing their way in and arguing about the most stupid things… Seriously some people need to get a life and learn how to put on a smile!

Yesterday, right before I went to bed, my “compañero de piso” entered my room and told me that we won’t have water for the whole day Monday (today). Normally my reaction would be: “seriously how is that possible, NO water ALL day, that’s means no washing, no cooking, no toilet, … that really sucks”. However after my travel to The Gambia I just couldn’t get those words out of my mouth anymore. After seeing how some Gambian people live (only 6 hours flying distance away) and talking to people who don’t have water, nor electricity at home, it made me realize: “what the hell is one day without water??!!”

So keep in mind:


One response to “Fell in love with The Gambia

  1. Beautiful pictures! Glad you enjoyed your trip! 🙂
    God Bless You!

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