Local Gambian party and the day after!

Tuesday evening it was time for some action and discover the local Gambian nightlife… together with Robin, who’s in charge of the hotel and two hotel guests we went to Senegambia. It’s a street with many bars and  nightclubs. We went into “Wow”, it definitely was a great choice… Nothing compared to any nightlife in Europe, plus those African people know how to shake their body, so much fun! The club was crowded, hot and awfully sweaty but it didn’t keep us from staying until it closed. Two of our little group went to bed, but that really wasn’t my plan, together with Robin and some others wanted to discover the after party! Unfortunately that seemed to be closed on Tuesdays so we ended up seeing the sunrise at the beach. After pushing our taxi (battery was flat) and some other adventures we arrived in the hotel at 8 am (my mum was up already, having coffee and probably stressing cause I wasn’t in my room). All in all that’s what I call a great Gambian night!! I will keep this one in my memory a long time!

The next day at 9.30 am I was already at breakfast, with such a sunshine I can’t stay in my bed too long! We met up with Toulie (a lovely girl working at the hotel) to go to the beach. She took us to a Brufut Beach, a nice and quiet beach with very few tourists. It was a wonderful relaxing day… Just what I needed!


3 responses to “Local Gambian party and the day after!

  1. Enjoyed reading about the fun you are having in The Gambia. I’m a regular visitor so if you fancy reading about my adventures or even trying some Gambian cooking when you get home check out my blog http://travelwithkat.com/category/africa-2/the-gambia/ Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  2. Definitely gonna have a look!! Might need some tips for my next visit, cause I will go back :-)! Such an amazing country. Thanks a lot!

  3. Esther

    Isn’t pedophilia a crime in The Gambia? Or doesn’t the government care at all? I’m really worried about some European old junks molesting kids in different parts of the Global South, including The Gambia in the name of tourism. Many of these countries are poor principally because of the policies of most Western states. To add insult to injury, some old Westerners go there to molest their kids in the name of tourism. What is the government of The Gambia doing for eff’s sake?

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