The Gambia, Day 3

In the morning we went to the local market of Serekunda, with our bodyguard (= our funny taxi driver who got promoted :-)). There were no tourists, so he was very proud to show off with us Europeans or as he said: “my first white friends”.

In the middle of the market is a local school, which has 5 classrooms with kids aged between 3-6. We went into 2 classes and they performed a little song for us. It was adorable, but on the other hand I needed to hold my tears, as it was also so sad.

Afterwards we visited Alkali’s (= taxi driver or was it bodyguard??) little home, his pregnant wife and family. They were very happy to see us, we brought them some clothes and little things for the future baby and for Junior Alkali, a 3 months old baby from the neighbors.

The other part of the day, we just relaxed at our hotel… it was too hot to do something else. Every 5 minutes I went or in the pool or under a cold shower. I ain’t complaining though!!

At 6 PM Alkali came again and brought us to the Coco Ocean Hotel. It’s a beautiful 5* hotel, but for me it’s a bit out of place here in Africa. However it was nice seeing the sunset and having dinner, but I won’t recommend to overnight there if you wanna enjoy a real African experience.

Now it’s time for some aftersun and rest! Looking forward to a new day tomorrow!


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