My second day in “The smiling coast of Africa”

After a nice breakfast at The Omakan, we called a “kind of” taxi driver (my mum saved his number from her previous travel). He drove us to Kololi beach. I don’t know much about cars, but I definitely can say that his car was ready for the landfill, the back wheel felt like falling off and nothing looked quite right… oh whatever, we arrived safely! The driver was adorable and so happy we called him… We hardly understood his English, but had a lot of fun with him. He had a cotton swab behind his ear, so we wanted to know why?? When his ear itches was the answer! Such a funny guy:

 “Hi how are you?”, “what’s your name?”, “Where are you from?”, “No problem”, “I make special price for you”, “I’m your brother, you are my sister”, “Pretty girl”, “Nice lady”, “We have fresh juices”, “I make you the best juice”, “Come and have a look”,… Just to give you an idea of what I heard all day long!

We got ourselves a beach bed, but most of the time we went for a walk in the hot sun…Every Sunday it’s “family day” at that beach, so all the locals came together and brought their own picnic. Really nice to see!

The guy who gave us our beach bed was super friendly (like most of them here in Gambia, they really try to do EVERYTHING to make you at ease). But this one especially. He (the left one) gave me a bracelet, necklace and after a while asked me out! He didn’t do it in a pushy or irritating way, as some do, so I took it with a “laid-back attitude“… When my mum went into to sea, he always sneaked up to me for a chat. Before we left we bought something in his shop, as we were on our way to the taxi he run after us and gave me a “With Love & Peace, The Gambia” sign, plus a little paper with his number and mail. I told my mum a few times today to keep a bit closer to me, but she kinda ignored my request, she was having too much fun! Can’t blame her it was pretty funny!

 Here are some more shots of my first Gambian experience: had a great time with my little friends in the sea, drank healthy fresh juices, had a nice beach walk,… Already LOVING The Gambia!


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