Arrived at a little paradise

10 minutes before take-off we got our boarding passes, always pretty stressful those staff tickets… Seats were available but the aircraft was overloaded, so after “adapting” the weight, they gave us the green light.. what a happy moment!! We had a great flight, thanks to my mum and her nice colleagues we flew business class. We had some good food and I started to read the book my dad gave me: The Biography of Steve Jobs (so far I really recommend that one).

At the airport everything went very fast (made me wonder whether I was really in Africa) our luggage came out first and somebody was waiting for us with an “Omakan sign”. Luckily everything went so smoothly, it was way too hot, so I needed to get rid of my panties and boots…

After a 20 min. drive we arrived in Sukuta, the road to the hotel was a bit sandy and the neighborhood a bit … let’s call it “really African”, but once the entrance doors opened it was just perfect! A little paradise… We relaxed at the pool and had delicious dinner!

For now let’s call it the day: time to go to bed and get ready for some new Gambian experiences tomorrow!


One response to “Arrived at a little paradise

  1. Excited to read about your Gambian adventures.!!

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