packing/unpacking x 2

Let me be negative for a second and write down what I dislike about travelling:

1) Folding up my clothes (so it fits in that suitcase, which always seems to be waaaay too small)

2) Making sure not to forget anything (checking, rechecking and sometimes starting from zero again)

3) Unpacking (Just hate it when I suddenly realize I forgot that one very important item!!)

Apart from that I enjoy every little bit of travelling… yes even waiting at the airport (thanks to all those interesting people on this planet)!

This morning I packed my suitcase in Barcelona (all my winter clothes, cause I won’t be needing those anymore) now I just unpacked here in Belgium and soon I will be packing again, but tomorrow finally I’ll unpack in Banjul!! Really don’t like this, OH well… luckily I have a great week to look forward to!

So let’s get ready to make my suitcase for the second time today, what’s on the list: “dresses, skirts, shorts, t-shirts, bikinis, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera and not to forget some “old” clothes and other stuff to make the Gambian people happy! Ok now it’s time for some action, the flight is around 11AM and I wanna finish packing soon…

Good night and figgers crossed I won’t forget anything this time!


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