Counting down, just 4 more days to go!

Excited for two reasons: skipping uni for a full week, but most of all because I’m going to Gambia for the first time in my life. Which means I’m already fulfilling my header’s quote: “Go at Least Once A Year To A Place You Have Never Been Before“. Oh and before I forget to mention… there is definitely a third reason: I’m travelling with my lovely mum!

I’m really looking forward, the weather forecast is looking amazing (read +30°C). Finally wearing my beach outfit again: bikini, slippers, straw hat, sunglasses, … It has been two months now, Miami during the Christmas break, so my tan is fading away and I’m in urgent need of some Vitamin D.

What I love about travelling to Africa is seeing those adorable children being so happy after you gave them a little present, even when for most of us that present would be totally useless (and piss off most children in this spoiled western society!!)

We gave this little baby one of our chocolate chip cookies… She ate it with sooo much pleasure, literally her whole face was enjoying it!!

Just a few more days and I will say: Hasta Pronto Barcelona, Hello Gambia!


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