From Barcelona With Love!

Amazing city, Beach, Architecture, Tapa’s, Fiesta, Cava, Sangria, Cerveza,… YES Barcelona has it all… and this weekend Sunshine officially returned!! I am so grateful for living/studying in this city.

I opened my dairy today and realized that I didn’t update it for more than 5 months, even worse I actually never even read the things I wrote. SO WHAT’S THE POINT??? That’s why I am taking on a new adventure (hoping I keep up with this one) and started this blog. Choosing a name wasn’t all that easy, after they made me change about 23 times: “Dream it, Make it, Share it” came out as being the winner…

Hmmm so what will this blog be about?? It will be about places I travel to, share some of my experiences and upload pretty pictures! And much more, wait & see…

So here we GOOO, I am excited to get started (ok true! so was I when I first started my dairy, but no, I swear this time I will put more effort, cause who prefers handwriting anyways??)

From BCN with ♥


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